With immediate effect no person can join our plan with more than 3 ID`S in it`s /her /his name. If any person joins with more than 3 ID`S all the IDS will be treated invalid. All changes will be applicable on old joinings also.


Company has revised the Fast Track rewards for Platinum Associates
from 14th August, 2010.



Dear Associates please update your PAN details , payout cheque will be held at head office if any ID found without PAN details, Please provide copy of your PAN card for smooth processing of payouts. if any support required please call Helpline.

Important note for Membership Fee make DD in favour of GURUMANTRA TEKNO MARKETING Pvt. Ltd. Payable at Rohtak.

Important Notice: We do not authorise any person to collect cash on behalf of the Company. We accept Bank Draft Only. For Details Call Helpline.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : NEW TDS RATES FROM 01.04.2010. The tax deducted at source, or TDS, on payments could be as high as 20% for those not quoting PAN against the regular rate of 2%-10%. The Budget 2009-10 had made it mandatory for residents and non-residents to quote this number or face a higher rate of withholding tax. It comes into effect from Thursday, April 1.

Our Dear Associates, Please Note from 1st June,2011 gift option of Airtel DTH is withdrawn by the Company - Guru Mantra Management.

Dear Associates, Please note gift Option of Holiday Vouchers is available on the joinings only till 30th Novemeber, 2011.




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